2014 Treats on the Trail, Saturday, Feb. 22

Post date: Feb 20, 2014 4:59:42 AM

Summary of the event:

We all had a great time at Saturday's Treats on the Trails on the Ironhorse. We served 126 treats and drinks and the link below is for some photos courtesy of Paul Nelson, Sharon Chen and myself. Also, the Jenteloppet trail grooming was a big success. Folks hung out down down by the lake the taking photos and enjoying the new trail and sometimes doing loops or skiing back and forth in front of the little island. The trail was very well used and about 75-80% of the folks we tipped off to the grooming (which was everyone that passed our Treats tent) ended up skiing the trail. We collected almost 2 pages of signatures from folks that would like to see the trail groomed regularly. For those who asked when it would be groomed again, our grant covers grooming for two more weekends. We are checking now with the Parks Dept folks to see if it can be groomed the next two coming weekends.


A huge thanks for the Treats volunteers: Jean-Michel Pin, Jeaninne Brunyee, Margot and Andrew and Allison, Tim Becker, Laura DelVillar, Paul Nelson, Elizabeth Cross-Nichols, Elise Stacy


Yes folks, we now have snow! As usual, we will host a fun for every one Treats on the Trail out on the Iron Horse. We will set up at our normal spot - in sight of the parking lot. If you would like to donate baked goods, there is still time to mix and bake and bring your contributions out to the site. Most of all we hope you can come out and have some fun! Bring your friends, kids or come all by your lonesome to socialize or just grab a quick treat!

When: Saturday February 22, 2014, 11AM - 2:30 PM,

Where: Park at Hyak Snopark (WA State Park), ski about 1 km out on the Iron Horse Trail. Our tent and banner are visible from the parking lot, just before the curve in the trail.

What: Treats on the Trails. This is our ninth year (!) of holding this very popular and social event, which is based on the Scandinavian tradition of skiing to a destination for warm drinks, sweet treats and socializing with fellow skiers. This even is great for families. We will setup a station with warm drinks and sweets along the Iron Horse Trail. This is a great opportunity for kids to play and adults to take a break before or after a longer ski. We will once again aim for creating our signature snow cafe and kids are welcome to help!

Hope to see you on Saturday!

Robin and John Stacy, Jean-Michel Pin and Janinne Brunyee

Bake Sale Organizers