Treats on the Trails 2013

We invite you to join us for Treats on the Trails on the Iron Horse Trail. This event is great for kids as well as adults. We encourage you and your friends/family to stop by and enjoy your lunch with us, enjoy fresh baked treats and warm drinks and visit with fellow skiers. See below for information regarding the first 2013 Treats on the Trails event. We will post information on our second Treats on the Trails event later this season.


* Sunday January 27, 2013, 10AM - 3PM,

Where: Less than 2 km out on the Iron Horse Trail east from the Hyak SnoPark

What: Treats on the Trails. This is our eighth year (!) of holding this very popular and social event, great for families, which is based on the Scandinavian tradition of skiing to a destination for warm drinks, sweet treats and socializing with fellow skiers. We will setup a station with warm drinks and sweets along the Iron Horse Trail. This is a great opportunity for kids to play and adults to take a break before or after a longer ski. We will once again aim for creating our signature snow cafe and kids are welcome to help!

Summary of the event:

We had a great time at Treats on the Trails Sunday. Morning traffic was a steady flow out on the trail and not so many folks stopping but that gave us time to get setup and for the kids to build snow sofas and tables and even a snow cave. By midday the number of folks stopping picked up and by afternoon we were pretty busy, especially when Marla brought a group of about 20 UW students by (many of who had not skied before and were grateful for a warm drink and a rest). All together we served 179 drinks or treats and one visitor commented that the treats were so delicious the event seemed more like a bake-off competition. Thanks to all the volunteers who helped out.