Updated Draft Oct 19 2006

Here is an updated draft proposal for use of Parks land or structure. If you make comments directly, please add your comments in CAPITALS with your name. If you approve, please add APPROVE in caps with your name at the top so we can track approval. I will add approvals by email here.

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October, __ 2006

Ranger Colleen Hawley

Lake Easton State Parks

Washington State Park’s Dept

Dear Colleen and colleagues:

The goal of this application is to request a permit for placement of a temporary structure on State Parks land within close vicinity to the Ironhorse trail, near the Hyak SnoPark. This structure would be used by the Snoqualmie Nordic Club (SNC), a non-profit cross-country skiing club, for both club- and community- related activities. In this letter, we present:

• Mission and history of SNC

• SNC’s Prior Contributions to Building Community

• How cooperation with SNC will help achieve the Centennial Performance Goals

• Specifications of the request: placement of a temporary structure along the Ironhorse trail

The mission and history of SNC can be found in Appendix A.

SNC’s Prior Contributions to Building Community

The SNC has a history of contributing to community-building events, such as:

o Adult Nordic skate and classic clinics, open to the public (1999 to 2006).

o Community spirit building and social activities. Examples include social potlucks and two successful 2006 bake sales held at the Summit Nordic Center which were open to the public (see Appendix B). In Scandinavia skiing to a destination offering treats and warm drinks is a common social activity. The SNC would like to continue promoting this community activity with the cooperation of the Parks Dept.

o Volunteer efforts such as trail clearing (Cabin Creek area in cooperation with the Kongsberger Nordic Club). SNC would additionally volunteer their efforts to the Parks Dept in activities such as creation/improvement of new trails to link existing trail networks (f.ex. could improve linkage of Ironhorse with Mt. Cathrine loop or other areas in need of improvement) in the Snoqualmie Pass area.

o Guided tours (moonlight or daytime) and family ski events offered by some Club members*

o Wax clinics*

o Dryland training in Seattle*

o An informal network to share info regarding equipment performance and availability

o Junior members have competed regionally PNSA (Pacific Northwest Ski Association) junior qualifying races. SNC has had qualifying members competing in Junior Nationals from 1997 – 2002. With recent increases in junior memberships, SNC aims for qualifying members this or next season as well.

o Additional workouts for competitive skiers on and off the snow throughout the year.

o Demos and recruitment of new club members through informational meetings with youths involved in rowing, Boy Scouts of America, YMCA (YMCA-sponsored youth exposition day) and other youth organizations. In addition, advertising for club members takes place through school newsletters, articles in local papers (see attached articles), the club’s internet website (www.snoqualmienordic.org), word of mouth and through visibility on the ski trails (club members have easily identifiable club jackets).

*Currently offered mainly to club members but could be made open to the public

How cooperation with SNC will help achieve the Centennial Performance Goals

The SNC strongly supports building a long-term relationship with the Washington State Park’s Department to promote the healthy sport of Nordic skiing in the Snoqualmie Pass area. The SNC has actively sought this relationship to the Parks Dept through informal communications with rangers Todd Stiles and Colleen Hawley. In addition, SNC members Chris Caviezel and Don Brooks have been active in SnoPark advocacy.

Our request is aligned with the Washington State Parks Dept. 2013 Goals:

o Partnering with citizens/volunteers: Partnering with the SNC will allow our club to better provide Nordic skiing events and activities to the local community, such as those mentioned above.

o Promoting health and learning: There is great value in promoting a sustainable, lifelong cardiovascular sport to people of all ages (children and adults) particularly in light of the current obesity epidemic. The SNC regularly recruits new members and promotes the sport for youths and adults in the greater Seattle area.

o Promoting community events: SNC members to promote an increased cohesiveness with the Snoqualmie Pass Nordic ski community through events such as their 2006 Bake Sales. These brought skiers together in a setting encouraging social interaction. The SNC is eager to continue its promotion of such community events.

The SNC seeks to strengthen its bond with the Parks Dept through offering more community building activities such as those described above. However, in order to achieve this goal, the SNC urgently needs a new location to center these events and activities.

Specifications of the request: placement of a temporary structure along the Ironhorse trail

SNC has lost its current club facilities. The SNC has had permission to use a room at the Summit at Snoqualmie Old Milwaukee lodge since 1997. Recently, the SNC lost this clubroom due to re-alignment of the Center’s focus for services offered. We are forced to move with short notice and currently have no facilities for meeting (or for storing club gear) in the Snoqualmie Pass. Without facilities, our club will no longer be able to hold the community building activities described above.

Request for permit. The SNC requests a permit for placement of a temporary structure on State Parks land within close vicinity to the Ironhorse trail, near the Hyak SnoPark. The SNC envisions two main uses for a structure: a place to store club gear and a location to hold club/community events. Club gear generally consists of waxing supplies, skis and supplies used to hold community events. SNC welcomes any consideration the Parks Dept may have on type of structure and location. Potential structure scenarios the SNC would like to suggest are:

o A winter tent, portable solid structure or yurt that could be temporarily placed adjacent to the Ironhorse trail (either near the Hyak SnoPark or on the Ironhorse trail).

o And/or the Hyak residence, located in the SE corner of the Hyak SnoPark lot.

We understand that gaining Washington State Park approval for such a request could be a lengthy process and thus we request consideration for a limited presence during the winter of 2006/2007 and increased presence from 2007 (f.ex. one alternative could be permission to set up a structure for single-day-use along the trail this winter and the possibility to place a more solid structure for an entire season next year). As many options exist for a structure, we hope the Parks Dept will see this request as favorable and engage with us in more formal discussions as the most appropriate and beneficial solution for both parties.

The Nordic community is large and vibrant and stands ready to take advantage of the excellent trails available at Snoqualmie Pass. SNC members seek to actively work with the Parks Dept for the mutual benefit of both organizations. We look forward to hearing a positive response from you.



Title, Snoqualmie Nordic Club

Appendix A. Mission and history of SNC.

The SNC, founded in 1997, was formed to develop and assist Nordic skiing in the Snoqualmie Pass area. The club is a non-profit organization and is registered with the State of Washington and the United States Ski Association. SNC members coach and instruct cross-country skiers in the Pacific Northwest region, create opportunities for SNC members of all ages to improve their skiing, and encourage each other to engage in races and recreational skiing throughout the region. The SNC is comprised of members of all ages from throughout the local area and maintains an open membership policy. Currently, the SNC roster contains approx. 50 single adults and/or families equating to approx. 100 total members.

Appendix B. Bake Sale article from Kittitas Tribune