Snoqualmie Loppet 2009

Snoqualmie Loppet Saturday March 21, 2009 (Meet at Silver Fir at 8:00 am in order to co-ordinate logisitics of cars (move some to Cabin Creek), we'll head up the chair right at 9:00 a.m.

Second Annual! From Silver Fir to Cabin Creek.

Couldn't do the Hog Loppet? Here is a second chance and a easy way to experience the fun, adventure, and drama of a long distance ski tour.

What a great way to introduce people to the entire Nordic trail system! This is an informal event with no sponsors, no support, no prizes, and no responsibility! Just a group of friends out for a challenging ski! We will arrange car shuttles to Cabin Creek. It's about 30 kilometers total distance, about the same as the Hog Loppet.

You can also do any of the sections if you are not up to full Loppet.

Last year there were about 15 participants from various ski clubs.

1. Silver Fir lift to the top and the upper trails at 9 am 2. Around Mount Catherine counter clockwise all the way to Hyak Lodge 3. Descend to the Iron Horse and the long fast 10K past the Stampede Pass Road 4. 3 telephone poles past the Stampede Pass Road enter the Trollhagen trail system 5. Exit Troll Hagen and ski toward I90 until you connect with the Stampede Pass Road 6. Walk the road, crossing I90, and into the DOT yard 7. Bare slightly to the right and in a couple 100’ join the Cabin Creek Trail System 8. Ski the Viking course and Berg course to the end!

NOTE: In the event that the Mt. Catherine Loop is not skiable because of avalanche concerns, but the rest of the course is still groomed, there will be a possible additional loop down at Stampede Pass to Meany Lodge)

There is no entry fee, however, you must have a trail pass to use the Summit Nordic Trail System and if you park your car you must have a SNO-PARK permit! It is recommended that you start promptly at 9 am for the best snow conditions.

There is no recommended ski gear or technique suggested. Classic or skate is fine. Faster Skiers will complete in about 3 hours. Slower skiers perhaps 5-6 hours. It depends on your gear, your technique, your wax, the weather, grooming conditions, and your physical ability.

There is no support in terms of food on the course other than Hyak Lodge. Please bring plenty of food and water.

Keep track of your time and we'll post the results.

More info? or to RSVP Chris at chris at, or on WAC members RSVP to Mike Mahanay at mikem at