SilverStar Thanksgiving 2006

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We had a crowd of SNC folks at ))SilverStar(( for Thanksgiving to getting the ski season off to a proper start and to making a showing of the Snoqualmie Nordic club jackets to the Seattle nordic skiing community that frequents ))SilverStar(( during Thanksgiving week.

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Derek Brown ( 206-364-0559 is organizing accomodation. He is planning on making reservations the week of Sept 28.

*__((SilverStar 2006: Participants: Bunk and Meal Assignments))__

*__))SilverStar(( Central Reservations:__ Toll Free: 1-800-663-4431 8:00AM to 5:30 PM.

*__((SilverStar 2006: Marla Notes))__

*__((SilverStar 2006: Kevin Murphey Notes))__

__Dates of Trip__ Wednesday Nov 22 through Sunday Nov 26, 2006.

__November 28, 2006, DKB:__ __The Trip Home__ I believe I’ve heard that everyone is home safe, although it sounds like it was an epic trip home for everyone. At about 5PM just outside of Hope on the rumor that highway 1 was closed between Chilliwack and Abbotsford and the need to face Washington lowland drivers in the dark, the Browns and the Melses decided head for Harrison Hot Springs for the night. We intended to get some pictures of SNC jackets at the hot springs but got distracted by the hot water and didn’t get any pictures. We got home around 4PM Monday afternoon.

I wonder if any records were broken? Marla?

Derek . . .

__November 19, 2006, DKB:__ __Driving Routes?__ Chip asks: “looking at the maps and thinking about roaming about some of the side roads up there in summer, we were thinking about taking RT 5 to Kamloops, then rt 1 east a bit to rt 97 south to Vernon. Is that what you all are thinking? Alternatively one could get off rt 5 at 97C and cut over to 97 south of Vernon, but if I recall that area correctly it might be interesting driving if the weather gets rough. Do any of you all have local winter knowledge of the route options?”

Back in September Kevin Murphy said “We get there by driving first to Kamloops then down to Vernon. The road is just safer for winter travel; plus the stoplights in Kelowna drive me nuts.” I assume he means He drives 5 from Hope to Kamloops.

So I think my plan is to drive 5 north, take WA 537 to cross border at Sumas, to Hope via Canada 1, to Kamloops via 5, Back on Canada 1 for a few miles and south to Vernon on 97, and from Vernon Follow signs to Silverstar, from Google maps it looks like from 97 you hang a left onto 48th Ave which turns into Silverstar road.

Anyone have any input on good stops on the way: Any good dinner stops? I would hope we would be beyond Hope by dinner time?

Marc Leonard might weigh in on this conversation: I believe he has driven these roads in the past few weeks during his commute between Bellingham and Edmonton.

Derek . ..

__November 18, 2006 DKB:__

It is looking very good for Skiing next week: This morning is reporting 69Cm Base, some 50KM open trails. All we need now is decent weather for driving and flying on Wednesday and Thursday.

Info Page on Web: SNC Silverstar Participants Bunk and Meal Assignments page has all the pertinent information: confirmation numbers, tentative bunk assignments, meal assignments, and address’s of place’s: I’d suggest printing it out. There is a “print” icon that makes the page better suited for printing at the top right of the page.

Checkin: It seems that some folks may arrive earlier than the Browns so I’d like to ask early arrivals to checkin: I’ll make sure that the two check in desks know that it will not be me checking in. Note that everything should be paid for: there should be no additional charges. Whos to check in: Leonards for Sunset House and Main, Queitzsches for Clarke Suite.

It sounds like Queitzsches : there should be 4 Silverstar trail passes for Sunset house, 2 for sunset main, 2 for Clarke Suite to pick up when checking in.

Trail Passes: I believe these passes will be good Thursday through Sunday. I;ve heard no input on my proposal that we allocate a pass to each family (Browns, Stacy's, Leonards, Melses, Queitzsch's) and one to any of the single folks who are willing to spend a couple of hours skiing with kids sans parents. Marla is the only one who has expressed interest in skiing with kids. We will straighten out who gets passes and what additional passes need to be purchased when we get there and find out what conditions are like.

Meals: It seems like meals are under control, Deb has gotten the thanksgiving meal well organized. If you have not spoken to the organizer of a meal about helping out please do so now. There is my tentative meal assignment up on the website info page. The plan is to have the organizers of each meal facilitate purchase and prepare that meal. We have 21 people to feed I believe. If there is need for financial aid on purchase we will pass the hat for any particular meal.

I’ve attached the PDF’s with confirmation numbers for those who end up checking us in.

How to get to Silver Star: I’m planning on going Vernon B.C. as directed by Google Maps, from Hope via 5 and 97 then follow signs to Silverstar: Once in Vernon it looks like it’s hang a right (if coming from the South) off of Highway 97 onto 48th Ave which turns into SilverStar Road.

Use Cash? Our recent experience in Canada indicates that its good to use cash rather than Credit Card when possible to avoid the International transaction fee, which I believe is 1%. We will probably try to get some cash either at the border or in Merrit on Wednesday. ..

Exit Plans: As I understand it the plans for leaving Seattle are as follows

Leonards: heading north from Bellingham Tuesday plan to arrive silverstar daytime Wednesday.

Queitzsch;s: Possibly blow out of town morning Wednesday.

Browns, Melses, Stacys: 12:30 Wednesday (after school lets out) Melses and browns at least plan a caravan.

Marla, Chris, Jenny: heading north from Seattle early Thursday morning.

Furtados: Flying into Vernon/Kelona Wednesday afternoon.

As far as I know everyone is planning on staying until Sunday.

Ice Skates: If anyone has ice skates, I’d suggest that they be brought along. We will have ours along. The lakes that we drive by on the way up there do freeze and sometimes are very skateable and Ice Boatable at that. I don’t know if there’s a rink at silverstar. If there’s interest there might be some expeditions off for skating on big ice Friday or Saturday, although I suspect that once at Silverstar the inclination will be to not get out and drive for ice. If the ice looks good we might have to plan on leaving early enough Sunday to get some skating in.

Music: John and I are planning on having recorders and guitars along, the Melse family song book and the Art Brown Ski songs book will be there. Robin Brown will probably have her fiddle. So there should be some Jamming in the evenings.

Communication: I’ll have my cell phone along (number on info page) and have it on Wednesday and Thursday but will be trying to keep the calling to a minimum due to roaming charges. If you are bringing a cell phone I’d like your number.

__November 5, 2006 DKB:__ Regarding trail passes: We do get 8 complimentary passes for the weekend with the accommodation: Unless folks disagree, I'm propose that we allocate a pass to each family (Browns, Stacy's, Leonards, Melses, Queitzsch's) and one to any of the single folks who are willing to spend a couple of hours skiing with kids sans parents.

At this time I'm note sure if the passes will work for both Silverstar and Sovereign lakes: I was told that they are in talks with Sovereign lakes about a joint pass this year but didn't know yet as of last week. I wasn't sure the weekend pass would be cost effective for Silverstar if we were going to ski Sovereign lakes one or two days, So I've been leaving this decision for later. I will try to call Silverstar this week to see if any progress has been made on joint pass and any group deal we might be able to get for the remainder of the trail passes we might need.

__November 2, 2006 DKB:__ I am looking forward to skiing my brains out (or legs off which ever comes first), and running all the kids into the ground. Now all we need is for the snow to fall. Today they are showing 3CM at the base area.

Here’s some details on my thinking for the SNC Silverstar Thanksgiving trip: See the SNC Page for details: , In particular see the Bunk Assignment/Meal Assignments page for Balance due broken down by family/individual, tentative Bunk assignments and meal assignments, and check-in details.

I’ve gotten some volunteers for leading preparation for meals: The plan is still to have everyone take care of breakfasts and lunches them selves but do group dinners: I have potential dinner assignments on the wiki page: We have volunteers to lead a Taco meal, a Pizza meal and of course Turkey. If your name is not on the meal assignments please volunteer to join one of the groups. The idea is to have the folks preparing a particular meal to handle costs of that meal, but if need be we will pass the hat. I suspect it will not be a problem.

I’ve now paid in full for the three units at Silverstar: The total cost works out to about $35 per person per night: I’ve calculated out to the penny (using spread sheet), again see the “SilverStar 2006: Participants: Bunk and Meal Assignments” page for down to the penny details. I do have a body for every bed, plus one extra.

__November 1, 2006 DKB:__ I've now paid in full, but need to look at my credit card statement to see exactly how much before I figure out what the person-night charge will be: Looking like it will be close to $40. Regarding meals: Deb has volunteerd to lead a taco meal, Christy and Deb are organizing Thankgiving meal and Marla, jenny, and Chris C are looking at orgainzing a pizza meal; that covers the evening meals: We are leaving the morening and lunch to individuals. There are 8 complimentary trail passes that come with the accommodations: I'm plannig on assigning one per major family unit, and one to Marla, Jenny and Chris C.

__October 13, 2006 DKB:__ We have picked up three Queitzsch's, Jenny, Chris , and Chip. So we have bodies for all beds including fold out couches. I am planning on splitting the final bill by person/nights: Some folks are coming on Wednesday staying till Sunday, some on Thursday. The full, non refundable (I believe) payment is due on Oct 22. We can cover it, but I would like to get full payment from folks soon there after. So I need to know who is coming when so I can split the final bill. I have not received any feed back regarding my proposal to do group meals on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights with Browns, Stacy's, and Melse's leading a meal each and everyone else pitching in on one meal for purchase, prep, and cleanup. : If this proposal is OK, I'll work on assignments of who to work with whom. Volunteers would be appreciated. Note that I have made some tentative bed assignments: See the ((SilverStar 2006: Participants: Bunk and Meal Assignments)) page on the SNC wiki for potential assignments. Let me know if you can't see the wiki (or if you can. Its new and I'm messing with permissions)

__October 10, 2006 DKB:__ I have paid deposit on three suites: added second suite (Clarke Suite): I have all deposits from all interested parties. It does look like we have room for several more with current reservations. It would be good to start thinking about how we are going to do food arraigements: It would be nice to do group evening meals in the house. but leave breakfasts and Midday meals to handle for our selves. I think we have three nights for meals: I propose that we assign a different group in charge of purchase, cooking and and clean up for each night . Each group might be lead by a family comfortable with organizing large dinners (Browns, Melses and Stacys come to mind), and I/we would try to assign folks to help the organizer. Volunteers would be appreciated. Note that we have at least one Vegetarian: I'd like to hear from anyone who has special dietary needs, so we can try to plan appropriate menus.

__October 3, 2006 DKB:__ I have 16 promises of $50 deposit, so I made reservation for Sunset Main (Hold Ref #19324) and Sunset Suite (#19325). I made a pass at bed assignments, See interested parties page. The full payment is due October 22. I need to figure out how to charge it all works out very close to $50 a night per person.

__Sept 30, 2006 DKB:__ I’ve gotten a three verbal confirmations and promises that check is in the mail: Barbara Brown (My Mom), Chris Cheviezel, and the Melse family.

__Sept 29, 2006 DKB:__ Called ))SilverStar(( Central Reservations and got a hold on Sunset Main (Hold Ref #19324) and Sunset Suite (#19325). Need to pay the deposit of one nights stay by Monday afternoon. So I need to contact interested folks this weekend to get commitment of at least $50.

__Sept 28, 2006 DKB:__ I talked to ))SilverStar(( Central Reservations this morning: The [|Sunset Main] with four bedroom main house and attached [|Sunset Suite] looks like a good house to start with: If there is more interest than 16 people we could then get some rooms close by and use the house to meet for evening meals. They offered to hold the reservation through the weekend, so Monday I will have to make down payment (One nights stay) and will need to make full payment 30 days prior for the Sunset main house and suite.

Sunset Main Four Nights: $CN1847.12

Sunset Suite Four Nights: $CN579.28

(+ 8% Hotel tax, 6% goods and services)

This weekend I hope to gather up at least a deposit from folks who are committed to going: it seems like a $50 deposit per person would be appropriate.