Mission Ridge Hog Loppet

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There is some interest in the Club to get a group together to do the Hog Loppet. Hopefully this year we can do it!!! Let Derek (sk1dad@comcast.net) know if you are interested.

Derek . . .

Don Brook's Description: "I did it last year and highly recommend it. Not all of it is groomed for skating but many people do use skate skis. There is a bit of semi off trail, well marked, that requires a bit of wedging or a few steps of walking. It is mostly trending downhill with some really nice aid stations along the way. It's really fun to be in a large group of nordic skiers, something that doesn't happen much around here."

Link to Leavenworth Winter Sports CLub Description: __[http://www.skileavenworth.com/events/eventdetail.asp?eventid=21|Hog Loppet]__