End of Season Party 2007

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Agenda updated 4/4/2007.

End of season party to be held at the Browns house in Lake Forest Park:

Sunday, April 29, 2007: 2PM until people go home.

RSVP To Derek (sk1dad (at) comcast.net) if you are planning on coming.

Potluck: Let Derek know what you are bringing and he will keep a list on this page. A selection of drinks will be on hand.

Call for Photos: Robin and John Stacy are putting together the slide show: If you have pictures of this years event's please email to John and/or Robin (john.stacy@pubgene.com, robin.stacy@comcast.net)


* 2:00 - Gather

* 2:30 - Introductions and welcome to new members

* 3:00 - Video/slideshow

* 3:30 - Awards

* 4:00 - Elections

* 4:30 - Potluck

* (2:00 - till the end) Horsing around in the yard: Kids should bring swimming suit if the weather looks half way reasonable: We tend to get out the black plastic sheet for water sliding for these events even if the weather is a bit chilly.

The Browns have ample parking, but are a relatively close to the Burke Gilman trail. Arriving by bicycle is definitely an option.

__Potluck Items:__ Who's bringing what.

* Stacys: Main Dish

* Browns: Salmon, Drinks: Juice, Soda, Beer, Wine.

* Furtados: Fresh Bread.

* Melses: "We'll probably bring a salad of some kind, maybe a dessert, maybe both..."

* Eric Hardee is attending.

* Marla, Jenny, Doug Powell, Tom Becker

Regrets: Q Family, and 1 more that i did not note.


* Sent to Members on April 4.

* Follow up sent later by Marla.