Dryland Training Sessions Fall 2011-Early 2012

UPDATE: Dryland training has been such a hit, we are extending it into the new year!

See below for the new day and time...

Get out your ski poles, running shoes and head lamps because it's time for

our annual dryland training sessions to begin!

When: NEW DAY AND TIME starting January 2, 2012: Monday evenings, 6:45-~8:15 p.m.

Wednesday evenings, 6:30-~8 p.m. Starting October 12, 2011 until snow flies enough to ski!

Where: Woodland Park (meet by tennis courts near the soccer fields/track)

What to bring: classic length (or shorter) poles, running gear/shoes and HEADLAMP w/ extra batteries (this is essential!).

These workouts are really great for specific strength building and basic aerobic endurance to prepare you for the upcoming Nordic ski season. We start w/ stretching, and then do a circuit workout in the woods w/ stations for step ups, dips, various hill bounding drills, push ups, etc. with pole-jogging in between.

ALL ABILITIES ARE ENCOURAGED TO COME -- especially Junior racers!

For more Information: Email Marla at marlajh (at) aol.com