Club Meeting Minutes Sat October 28 2006

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From notes taken by Chris Q and John S. In attendence were Paul and Shannon Nelson, Chip, Chris and Jessica Q, Robin, John and Elise Stacy, Eric Hardee, Marla Husnik.

*__SNC will hold meetings the first weekend of each month (Dec, Jan, Feb)__. Exact dates will be announced by E-mail and on the web pages.

*__Club room clean-out and meeting with Summit leadership.__ The club room at the OML (Old Milwaukee Lodge) has been vacated. The waxing stuff is at the Stacy's house and Paul Nelson took care of the racing related signs and flags. We are looking forward to finding a permanent place for these items. Marla met with Peter Ribka (sp?) and John Roberts at the OML to discuss the state of the realtionship between the SNC and the Summit at Snoqualmie. Apparently, the primary reason for vacating the club room is that Peter will use the space as his office during the ski season. Additional points communicated to Marla:

**The Summit at Snoqualmie encourages club activities such as the bake sale and races

**The waxing hut will be available to us for use during the season (storage as well?)

**Space within the OML can be made available for club related activities as needed

**More nuanced season pass sales are being discussed including family pass or pass discounts for club members.

**Overt marketing of the Summit by the SNC and vice-versa is a possibility that should be further explored (e.g. we make every new and old club member aware of seasons pass options and Summit allows SNC advertising near ticket sales etc.)

*__The Junior Program.__ As many are aware, the Summit will no longer run the junior program. They will instead run a very simplified "1, 2, 3" program for Nordic skiers. It hardly need be stated that this is a serious dissapointment to many SNC core people. There has been some discussion of the SNC finding a way to keep a junior program going under the auspices of the club. One possibility is to form a "concession" that simply uses Summit facilities as one of its possible locations. Details such as liability insurance and so on would need to be worked out. Many of the meeting attendees expressed a positive attitude to this idea.

*__Races at the Summit?__ Paul reminded us that races need to be planned way in advance since the race community is small and their calanders fill early in the season.

*__Robin Stacy voted in as new treasurer.__ Robin also reviewed the WA parks proposal cover letter (there is a copy at The application will be submitted with this proposal. Robin mailed the proposal draft to Colleen Hawley (WA State Parks, Lake Easton ranger) for comments on 10/31/06 before the final submission. Robin hopes to receive feedback by 11/5/06.

*__Discounted Club Jackets and Vests!__ (Will repost to "classified" section once I understand how to do that).

**$40 bargain on vintage barely broken in VOmax jackets: 2 L and 1 M remaining ($90 new)

**$50 Hidden Bay Graphics vests: 1 L, 1 M and 1 S (marked down from $62)

**$60 Hidden Bay Graphics jackets: 2 L and 1 XS (marked down from $69)

END Saturday 28 Oct Meeting notes.