Club Meeting Minutes Sat January 13 2007

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__Meeting January 13 2007__

Agenda and Notes:

*Welcome to new members (more coming)

*Review minutes/action items from last meeting (more coming)

*Treasurer's report (more coming)

*Clothing update - Hats and jackets expected this week

*Marketing materials:

**Banner - Eric Hardee produced a beautiful 10' by 3' banner that can be hung between posts at the Hyak residence over the entry way.

**Cards - Paul Nelson created general "business" cards that include a short description of the club and our web address. These were reviewed by meeting participants and approved.

**Trifolds - Paul and Chris Caviezel produced trifolds with great artwork and an included registration form for club membership. These were reviewed by meeting participants and approved.

I suggest that a run of cards and trifolds be printed by Paul and distributed next week to members and Summit staff (John Roberts) next week at junior ski lesson time (Saturday Jan 20). Members are encouraged to carry cards and trifolds when skiing (be a card carrying member!).

*Season's event calendar update

**February 4 is the next bake sale date.

**Sun Jan 14 (time of this writing) is the rescheduled skate clinic led by Marla (postponed from last week due to inclement weather).

*Hyak residence update - still waiting on Olympia

*Club/event liability insurance - No good news here. Robin Stacy and others have investigated the matter and we continue to gather information. Some points:

**Individual event insurance - Quotes were in the $300 range. It is clear that this is prohibitively expensive.

**"General" liability insurance - Attempting to secure quotes (apparently, insurers so far contacted have not returned calls. It may be that the cost of individual event insurance as so far quoted is reflective of the cost range that can be expected for general liability insurance.

**Insurance through an "umbrella group" - One suggestion was to join the United States Ski Association (USSA) such as to enjoy coverage through their program. As currently understood this would entail paying dues to the USSA and some level of paperwork and reporting for each event held.

**501 3(C) National non-profit status - Securing 501 3(C) may open additional avenues for insurance (among other potential benefits). Derek Brown suggested that he could pursue this issue.

*Wax purchase for junior racers. Board approved $150 for wax and waxing equipment, including an additional iron. Marla and John will review which waxes are already "in the box" before the purchase is made.

*Web site

**As you can see, we now have a post for meeting notes.

**There was talk of changes to the membership form posted on the site to include a "waiver" statement

**There was also some discussion of the ability to load jpegs etc.

*Report on Snoq. Pass Conservation Coalition

**Chris Caviezel has spearheaded the formation of an "umbrella" including SNC, WSTC, Mountaineers, Washington Alpine, Kongsbergers and Trollhagen with the obvious purpose of forming a stronger group and unified voice for issues that affect winter outdoor activities in the pass area.

**One issue mentioned was the sale of Summit properties. A deal is in the works between the current owners Booth Creek (Ski Areas Inc.) and C & L properties. The deal has not yet closed, but is expected. (more coming).

**The "Roaring Thin" project was also mentioned (more coming)

**And I 90 expansion.

The Conservation Coalition (name may change) is expected to lobby and mobilize efforts where needed in regard to these issues.

*Club photo (please bring your Club jacket/vest) (more coming)

*Charlie Cornish Proposal of Expo - Mountaineers Charlie Cornish wants to organize an Expo for winter outdoor activities such as Nordic Skiing early next fall. SNC board members are enthusiastic to the idea, but will have to investigate costs etc. Suggestion of mobilizing vendors to share costs (I also want to suggest inviting concession stand vendors to share costs). Costs might also be defrayed through ticket sales.