Club Business 2006-2007

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This page to records Board Decisions and other club business for all members to peruse. The latest business should be listed first. All business should have a Title, date and "Signature"

!! Extra hats added to jacket and hat order

December 5, 2006

The board approved adding 10 more hats to the jacket and hat order (now 35 hats total). Marla is talking with hidden bay graphics to see if the delayed delivery date (jan 15-20) can be moved back closer to its original delivery date of before Christmas. -- Robin

!! Junior's program pending approval

November 11, 2006

Update: John Roberts has returned and is working hard to reinstate the junior's program at the Summit. Looks like Little Nords through at least High Pros will run at the Summit. There is a possibility that the Racers will run under SNC, but John mentioned that it maybe possible to keep it intact at the Summit as well.

-- Marla

October 27, 2006

Marla has asked the Board to open discussions regarding running the junior's ski program under the auspices of the SNC. A group of instructors (Eli, Karel, Paul, Shannon and Marla) met last Sat. to discuss possibilities since the Summit will no longer offer the program to junior's except the Treasure Trails. The group is meeting again this Sat. evening. Stay tuned for more details to follow.

--Noted by Marla on Oct. 27, 2006

!!Cover Letter Approved for WA State Parks structure Proposal and Proposal Approved by Lake Easton Rangers Tim Schmidt and Colleen Hawley

November 20 2006

Marla notified of approval, we have use of the Hyak Residence for 2006. For full report on activities, see

!!Purchase of SNC Letterhead Stationary purchase.

October 10 2006

Marla proposed allocation of some funds for SNC business cards and letter head paper. I will take care of it, but need funds. Not sure how much yet, but probably no more than $100.

Board approval was unanimous via email.

Noted by Derek Brown, October 25, 2006.