Board Meeting Minutes Mon 2 Feb 2009

__Meeting Participants__:

President Marla Husnik ;

Vice President Chris Caviezel;

Treasurer Robin Stacy;

Secretary John Stacy;

Bord Member at Large Paul Nelson;

Board Member at Large Derek Brown.



Treasurers Report

Fundraiser for Lakeside

Correct Treats on the Trails date to 14 Feb on calendar, Home page on web and through e-mail

Winter Wildlands Alliance - discuss membership

Facebook group for SNC - discuss uses and issues of permission

501(c)(3) - discuss status.


Marla showed the board a description of our insurance policy and confirmed that this was presented to obtain permits for our two events planned for this year on the Iron Horse (each event including a Treats on The Trails give away club promo and Adult Ski Clinic).

__Treasurers Report__:

The club is in the black. Marla's recent clinic on the Iron Horse recouped about 75% of the cost of this season's insurance. Robin indicated that memberships were up from last year. She reviewed our records after the meeting and produced a table showing membership trends over the last 3 seasons:

||__Membership trends__|'06-'07|'07-'08|'08-'09||Family Membership payments|16|10|14||Individual Member payments|16|26|36||-|-|-|-||Family members|50|34|47||Individual members|16|26|36||__Total members__|66|60|83||

__Fundraiser for Lakeside__:

Marla suggested that the proceedes of her next Adult Ski Clinic held under the auspices of SNC be donated to the Lakeside School Ski Team. SNC board unanimously support the idea and suggest that the action be noted on our website and mailing next year under the "advocacy" heading.

__Winter Wildlands Alliance__:

Chris suggested that the SNC become a member of the WWA ( The board agrees based on our goals of being supportive and active in groups that advocate for non-motorized winter sports. Chris suggested that our membership for this season may be waived based on his previous contribution of time and effort to WWA events. Chris stated that the yearly WWA membership fee is approx. $100.

__Facebook - SNC group__:

Chris started a Facebook group titled Snoqualmie Nordic Club. There are currently 19 members of the group. Membership is open to anyone (including non-members of the actual club). Chris started the group with promotion of the club as its primary goal. Some board members believed that membership to the SNC Facebook group should be limited to actual club members. No agreement was reached by the board on this issue.

__501(c)(3) status__:

The board agreed that our bi-laws should be updated before seeking 501(c)(3) status. Marla promised to distribute copies of our bi-laws to the board members for review. Regarding the actual filing for 501(c)(3), John suggested hiring a professional, with whom he has consulted, to complete the filing once our bi-law revision has been made. Chris offered to instead complete the filing for 501(c)(3) status himself. The board agreed and thanked Chris for be willing to devote his time to this task.

__Action items__:

*E-mail regarding bake sale and clinic to be sent out: __Robin and Marla__

*Distribute bi-law copies: __Marla__

*Enrol SNC in WWA: _Chris_

*Become familiar with 501(c)(3) paper work in prep for the filing: __Chris__

*Make note of Lakeside support on website and in next mailing: __John__

*Note memberships in PNSA, NSSP and WWA on our website - logos?: __John__

*Sandwhich board for signage at events: __John and Derek__

*Corrections to calendar and updates of web site: __made by Derek during meeting__

__Other notables__:

WA Parks permits used for events on Iron Horse were $10 each.

A concessions permit is $100 dollars for the year (season?).

New order of SNC gear?