Board Meeting Minutes 12 Aug 2008

SNC Board Meeting 12 August 2008


Marla Husnik, President;

Chris Caviezel, VP;

Robin Stacy, Treasurer;

Derek Brown, at large;

Paul Nelson, at large;

John Stacy, Secretary.


1. Treasurer's report

2. Calendar for 2008/2009 season

3. Promotional materials

4. Transportation and carpooling

5. Web site (work parties)

6. Board and general meetings during the season

OTHER, time permitting:

Structure (as in cabin) discussion, including review of State Parks relationship

New member drive?

Member notifications (website, mailings, "on the trail" emails, etc.)

Trail system and ecology efforts

Inter-club coordination with WAC, Kongsbergers, Cascade council, Charlie/MTNRs, etc.

and everybody's old favorite - Insurance needs?

Treasurer's report: positive balance.


Enter on to a Google calendar.

Season opener

Nov Silver Star

Ski Swap

13 Dec SNC Skate clinic - Derek’s hot-drinks by the van

14 Dec Amabilis time trial Lakeside High School and Kongsbergers

27 Dec Skirodeo Mazzama (Riverrun Inn) (Jeff Borge may want to know of our plans).

04 Jan Jente Lopet

11 Jan Methow JOQ pursuit (SNC clinic and Bake Sale)

17 Jan Skirennen Leavenworth

25 Jan SNC Clinic / Bakesale Ironhorse (Spokane qualifier?)

Jan Spokane

Jan Bend Oregon

31 Jan Bavarian Cup Leavenworth

01 Feb Bavarian Cup Leavenworth

07 Feb Rendezvous Tour Methow

14 Feb SNC Clinic / Bakesale at Summit

15 Feb Stampede

01 Mar

08 Mar SNC Clinic / Bakesale Ironhorse

15 Mar Ozzbaldy

21 Mar SNC Snoqualmie Loppet

Promotional materials

“Recycle” last year’s brochure (John)

Marla will order 25 more hats (Marla)

Emailing by Oct 1 with brochure, renewal request and tentative calendar (Robin)

Snail mail Nov 15 brochure , renewal request and calendar (John)

Web site (work parties)

Thursday suggested at John and Robin’s

Transportation and carpooling

Will be held as a discussion topic for first work party

Evite carpool option (Derek will give a try)

New bus service possibility “Bus up 90”

Board and general meetings during the season

Not specified but approx 6 weeks.

Dryland training Monday or Tuesday nights in October

Organized by Marla and Tim Becker

Season opener to be organized perhaps 25 Oct or Haunted Tunnel on Halloween!