Bake Sale and Clinic Sunday January 7 2007

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Well, the weather just would not cooperate. We arrived just 20 minutes or so before the pass was closed only to hear that a good number of the clinic participants, bake sale volunteers and other SNC members were stuck in traffic due to the pass closure or had given up after receiving phone calls from those who were stuck. Thank you ALL for a valiant effort!

The Queitzsch's, Jeff Borg, Marla, Charlie Cornish, The Vallors and perhaps a few others did make it up around 11:30 for a ski. Unfortunately by then we were ski'd out. I believe some gathered at Chris Caviezel's place afterwards (thank you Chris for allowing us to warm up and dry out). The clinic had to be cancelled as well. My brother experienced nordic skiing for the first time in wet mush and actually liked it (or was being a very good sport)!

Here's to hoping for better weather for our next bake sale in February....

Robin Stacy