Bake Sale 2007: Saturday March 10 2007

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Once again, we had a very enjoyable and successful bake sale on Saturday. Here is a short recap of events: A great new addition to the event was the snow-block construction of our very first SNC espresso bar, manned by Eric Hardee. Lattes seemed to be the most popular item and they were delicious! Sarah Hardee drove all the way from Bellingham to join us, and ski with her dad. Thanks Sarah. We also set up our new SNC banner for the first time, hung between a pair of skis. In addition, Chris C. was able to gather quite a few signatures for the Mt. Spokane trail expansion petition. The morning weather was beautiful and we only experienced about 45 minutes of drizzle around lunchtime. The drizzle slowed sales down for a bit, but despite this, folks were all smiles when they discovered us by the trail. And having the yurt for folks to warm up in was a big plus. Some Little Nords and Freeheelers joined us for lunch, thanks kids and instructors for bringing them out. In addition, Marla put on a free clinic for some members and friends just up the hill from the yurt. Thank you Marla!

We tried packing up a little early, but folks just kept coming. We even had people stopping us on the trail on the way out, thus making a healthy sale directly from the sled. Sled dogs Chris Q. and John Stacy got a good workout and Marla had an exciting ride down the last hill to the lodge. John needed some extra help controlling the sled down this last slope, so Marla rode the sled down, braking with her ski boots. Toward the end they let up on the brakes and raced through the Freeheel Festival's Finish Line! Wish I had that on video. And as an added plus to the day, after hauling all the gear back out, we were treated to some great music in the lodge as the Freeheel Festival wound down.

A special thanks are due to Christy Brown for knitting three beautiful pairs of nordic design mittens, which we also sold raffle tickets for at the last two bake sales. The winning names were drawn Sunday night by an impartial third party (playdate girlfriend of our daughter Elise). The winners are (drumroll) .............

red mittens- Kristin Brelsford

small blue mittens- Deb Melse

large Blue mittens- Chip Queitzsch

Congratulations winners! I will mail out the mittens this week.

Total donations from this bake sale were $163. Thank you all for a great day of fun, excercise and socializing. This wraps up the last bake sale of this season but I'm already looking forward to next year.

And last but definately not least, a HUGE THANKS to our volunteers:

Sled dogs: Chris Queitzsch and John Stacy

Mitten knitter: Christy Brown

Espresso barista and banner designer: Eric Hardee

Espresso bar designer: Chris Queitzsch

Master bakers: Christy Brown, Bernadette Lacquer, Mary Queitzsch, Kathy Furtado, Marla Husnik, Chris Caviezel, Deb Melse, Kristin Brelsford, Diane Hardee (hope I didn't forget anyone)

Petition gatherer: Chris C.

Cashiers: Chip Queitzsch, John Stacy

Thank you all,

Robin Stacy and Derek Brown