Adult Skate Ski Clinics 2009

__Do you want to improve your skating technique?__

* An advanced class in our "((Adult Skate Ski Clinics 2009))" series was offered on Sunday, March 8, 2009. Videos of participants doing V2 and V2 alternate techinque are now posted on ))YouTube(( ([|V2 video] and [|V2 alternate video]).

/****** LAST CLINIC OF THE SEASON!! ******/

Hyak Sno Park - Ironhorse Trail

WHEN: Sunday, March 8 - Advanced beginner's clinic with an overview of the V1, & covering the V2, V2-alternate & transitions on flats.

* We will do video analysis at this clinic. Please come prepared to be video-taped and receive one-on-one analysis of yourself.

* Pre-req. is that you must have attended at least one of Marla's prior clinics this season or have had previous experience/clinics.

* We will meet inside the Hyak Sno Park residence at 9:30 a.m. located on the Northeast corner of the Hyak Sno Park parking lot. Clinic runs until Noon.

* Please email Marla at if you want to join the group. Please include info. re: your experience (clinics you've attended, how long you've been skating, etc.).

NOTE: If you have not registered for one of the SNC clinics this season, please mail asap or bring (but, mail the payment or make arrangements to pay off-site on Sunday) the following registration form/waiver with you in addition to emailing Marla to reserve your spot!

[|Skate 103 Registration Form]

NOTE: Updates regarding status of the clinics (i.e., cancellations due to road closures/weather, etc.) will be posted here.

__Clinics that already occurred for this year include:__

Hyak Sno Park - Ironhorse Trail

* Sunday, January 25: 9:30-11:30 a.m. - Beginner's clinic focusing on V1

Summit at Snoqualmie Nordic Center

* Saturday, February 14: 9:30 a.m.-NOON - Intermediate clinic covering V2, V2-alternate, ascending, descending skills. Prerequisite: V1 clinic