2006-2007 Event Planning Page

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This page is to be used to plan events for the 2006-2007 season: Once we have worked out a tentative schedule here we will move it to the Anouncements page.

__Things to do__

*Marla to add dates for races that she would like to see a showing of club members.

Dates for PNSA junior qualifier/citizen races for SNC juniors:

Jan 6/7: Tentative Bake Sale

Jan 14: Kongsberger Gunnar Haugan, Cabin Creek

Jan 20-21: Methow Pursuit, Methow Valley

Jan 27-28: Bend JOQ - Sunnyside Pursuit, Bend, OR

Jan 27//28 Tentative Bake Sale

Feb 3/4 Tentative Bake Sale

Feb 10-11: Methow JOQ - Race of the Methow, Methow Valley

Feb 18: Kongsberger Stampede, Cabin Cr

Feb 18-19: Spokane JOQ/ J3 Champs, Spokane

Mar 3/4 Tentative Bake Sale

March 3-10: Junior Nationals, Solider Hollow Mar 10/11 Tentative Bake Sale

Feb 24/25 Hog Loppett

Realistically, I think we will get people out to Konsberger and possibly

the Methow races. For obvious reasons, not sure about Bend, Spokane, and Nationals.

I think it'd be great to plan a Club trip to the Methow for either the Pursuit (Jan. 20-21)

or Race of the Methow (Feb. 10-11). We will need to start planning soon to secure a place


*Derek and Robin to work around Marlas dates for Bake Sales.

*Marla to make tentative dates for clinics.

I emailed John and he agreed to allowing me to run a clinic

on the bake sale day. But, if it is on a Sat. it is likely I

will be coaching the juniors, so Sunday's are better on the

weekends I am not at a race. Thanks.

*Club Meetings Dates and activities.

We are set for Sat. Dec. 2. I will be querying people for

Jan. 6 or 7 and Feb. soon.

__Club Meeting__ Saturday December 2nd at Chris's place at Hyak. noon Time meeting

__Club Meeting__ First Saturday in January, maybe at OML or Chris's place. After skiing.

__Club Meeting__ First Saturday in February, maybe at OML or Chris's place. After skiing.