2006-2007 Announcements and Activities

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*__ Next Club Meeting Saturday Dec 2nd:__

Greetings SNC Members! The SNOW has arrived, and skiing is just around the corner! Dust off those

skis and boots and come on out and enjoy yourself with your fellow nordic

friends! Our next meeting will be held on Saturday, Dec. 2 at Noon at Chris Caviezel's house.

Please see directions below to Chris' (he is located just below the Old Milwaukee

lodge off of the Hyak-exit from I-90). Please allow at least 1 1/2 hours (depending on

snow conditions on the roadway), and carpool if you can. I will send an agenda as the time draws nearer. Please send me agenda items if you have things you want to discuss. Some of us will also gather for dryland and/or skiing (depending on snow conditions) before the meeting. Check the website under

2006-2007 activities for updates in the next few weeks. Please RSVP to me (marlajh@aol.com) and Chris (chris@wildlifeonly.com). I hope to see you there! Marla


FROM Seattle Take Interstate-90 West Bound.

Exit at Exit #54, Hyak. At end of off-ramp, take a right this will put you

at a four way intersection (two-way stop) with HWY 906.

FROM Cle Elum Take Interstate-90 East Bound.

Exit at Exit #54, Hyak. At end of off-ramp, take a left going underneath

I-90. This will put you at a four way intersection (two-way stop) with HWY


FROM HWY 906 & Interstate-90.

Go straight into the Hyak Residential Area, and Ski Area. This road becomes

Hyak Drive E or sometimes it is called E Hyak Drive.

You will come to a three way stop. Continue straight. On the right side

you will see the upper ski area parking lot, continue straight.

Go past Keechelus Drive on the right, and Kendall Place on the left and

start to go down a hill. As soon as the road flattens out, you will see

Fire Hydrant on the right in front of a blue house. This is my house, 69 E

Hyak Drive.Wherever possible, it is best to carpool!

*__ Regular Club Monthly Meeting:__

Watch this space for a schedule of regular club meetings, to be held the first weekend of each month. Starting out with each listing for Saturday at 1PM, watch for actual time/location as each meeting gets closer. Paul N.

**((Club Meeting Minutes Sat October 28 2006))

**((Club Meeting Agenda Sat October 28 2006))

*((SNC members participated in trail maintenance at Cabin Creek Oct 28 29))

*__Important News re: the Summit & Sno Parks:__

We will no longer have access to our Club room at the Old Milwaukee Lodge. The room will need to be cleaned out asap. Please contact Marla if you are interested in helping out with this task. We have a lot of posters, gear, etc. that belong to the Club in the room. We will, however, be continuing

our relationship with the Summit. They have needed to make some sweeping changes this season due to budget constraints. Marla is talking with Peter Rybka to work out some kind of benefit for Club members, possibly a discount on season's passes. Please stay tuned for more information.

Marla is also working on making connections with the Sno Park to see if we can put up a temporary structure (tent, yurt eventually...) somewhere on the Iron horse trail or elsewhere in the I-90 corridor as our new meeting place. She will be meeting with the Sno Park ranger on Sunday, Oct. 8

to discuss a proposal. Please contact Marla if you are interested in being apart of this discussion.

**__Update (10/9/06)__

DKB 2006/10/13: See also Johns Report at ((Relationship to WA State Parks))

John and I met with Colleen Hawley, the Sno Park ranger from Lk. Easton State Park who manages the Iron Horse trail. The meeting went very well! We will be writing a proposal to the Sno Parks to ask for a space to put a temporary structure near the parking area, or else to use their current Hyak Residence Sun room (which is a very nice large building located on the North side of the parking lot), if it is available (meaning, no one is living there for the winter). John has graciously offered to draft the proposal. We will need ideas about what activities, community contributions we can make to the Sno Park system in the coming season and in coming years to make this proposal fly. John has the list of criteria outlining the Sno Parks mission to build partnerships with groups like us. John and I brainstormed a few:

# Beginner clinics that will take place on the Iron horse trail open to the public;

# Guided tours (moonlight or daytime) to be offered to the public by some Club members;

# Bake sale somewhere on the trail or from the "home" of SNC (whatever the structure ends up being).

# Community event of skiing with families, etc... potluck, etc. open to the public.

# Wax clinic, videos, etc...

If you have other ideas, please send them to John Stacy and/or Marla.

*__Racing Suits:__

Please contact Marla if you are interested in buying a racing

suit. We are on the queue at VOMax for production and delivery

by early December.

*__Nordic Ultratune:__ URGENT!

Marla would like to send some skis to Ultratune in Winthrop for tuning. We need a minimum

of 10 to get a 15% discount on grinds and waxing services (hotbox). They all

need to arrive in one batch, and Kyle is planning on going there next week.

Please contact Marla and/or Kyle if you have skis that need tuning so we can

send them together.


*__Dryland Training:__ Derek and Kyle are looking at getting evening dryland training going again this fall, so that we are a bit in shape for Silverstar: The time seems to have settled out to Thursday Evenings 7:30PM but we have not named a place yet. Contact me at sk1dad@comcast.net if you are interested in joining.

*__Silverstar Thanksgiving:__ Derek is working on organizing a trip to Silverstar for Thanksgiving: See ((SilverStar Thanksgiving 2006)) for more details.

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